Sacred Separation



"Loved the preview; I can't wait to hear it in its entirety"

~ Ari Elizabeth, LA-based Actress and Singer

What is Sacred Separation?

Sacred Separation is about learning to identify, accept, and go with the natural flow of what needs to end in your life – in exchange for new beginnings.

It's about no longer stumbling or being painfully pushed through our endings, rather empowered to expect and honor them because we can acknowledge and discern when they need to happen.

And what is the book, Sacred Separation: Journal Through, about?

Sacred Separation: Journal Through is a series of short stories about the ending of my own marriage, accompanied by writing prompts to support you in thinking through your own separation and divorce journey.

The journal prompts are meant to be accessible: keep it on you, in your car, at your desk, wherever you need it … and return to the questions and what's shared in the pages whenever things come up for you.

Purchase a copy for yourself or a friend and keep a pen handy ( ... or the notes / voice memos on your phone).

Order Now: Sacred Separation: Journal Through by Alessandra Taryn

An Embodied offering, written with elegant compaction and humorous vulnerability --- with audio read by the author (coming soon)

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"I'm listening to the preview like 'ok I need more' because this is so real for me. Separation is in fact a scary thought."

- Anonymous Reader, Washington, D.C.